Shopping for the BOC Cause with escrip

by Patty Lakinsmith on May 7, 2011

Did you know that your normal shopping with a credit card can benefit Beads of Courage?  It’s true!  Depending where you live, you can even use grocery store or other types of cards, and Beads of Courage will score some bucks.  I just signed up myself and it works.  Visit and they’ll donate every time you use your card(s).

First you select what group you want to benefit from your shopping activities.  Beads of Courage is what you will enter.  Then you can enroll all of your cards in the program (grocery store cards like Safeway, for example, and credit cards).  Depending where you live there will be different merchants who participate in the program.  I found my local neighborhood supermarket in the list, and was thrilled to see that Sierra Trading post (my favorite place for outdoor gear and shoes) will donate 5% to my selected organization.  There’s all kinds of merchants in the program – if you’ve been a bad driver you’re in luck, ‘cuz will donate too!

Now getcherself signed up!

(p.s.  you need to go past the grocery card sign up to get to the credit card sign up).

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