Courage Tiger’s Road Trip Day 53: #TravelTuesday with Alli!

Alli and her friend showing their Beads
This #TravelTuesday I met with Alli!  Through attending a Beads of Courage event in Texas that supported one of our members, Alli discovered our Carry a Bead Program!
Alli got her first Carry a Bead Kit in 2013, and has been a supporter ever since! Alli told me that for the last few years, each month she ran in charity runs around the Houston area while carrying beads! She runs with her friends and she said that “Carrying the beads gives us a reason to run, and with that we try to support other causes as well. It is the highlight of our month. We really enjoy getting our friends together and using the inspiration from Beads of Courage to support an array of other charities as well.”
When I asked Alli what her inspiration was for carrying beads, and how does carrying the beads make a difference in her runs, she said
Alli and her friends posing with their Carry a Beads
“When I was introduced to Beads of Courage and was inspired by the bravery that these kids show each and every day combating illnesses and hardships that they shouldn’t have to. So, I found my reason to run again. These kids and their strength gave me the courage to step back out there and run for reasons beyond myself. They are the inspiration, not only to run, but to run for all sorts of other causes as well. If people say that running is 90% mental and 10% physical, I can honestly say the kids in the Beads of Courage program are really the ones running these miles. The kid’s courage is contagious. They inspire us and give us the strength to get through each mile.”
Since Alli and her friends heard about the Carry a Bead program, cumulatively they have run over 300+ miles while carrying beads. As a group they have ran in over 74 5K races, 4 ten mile races, and two beads were even carries during the Houston Chevron Marathon.
Quilt made of shirts from each run that Beads were carried at.

Thank you Alli for Making Courage Roar with every bead you carry! If you want to make a difference like Alli be sure to check out our Carry a Bead Program, and participate and fund the mission for the 9thAnnual Bead Challenge!

Courage Tiger’s 2017 Road Trip is a feature of the 9th Annual Bead Challenge, a three-month nationwide fundraiser and beadraiser for Beads of Courage. As the official Beads of Courage mascot, Courage Tiger is visiting all 50 states to highlight the incredible work our organization does by sharing stories of our courageous members, families, clinicians, and the caring community of artists and supporters who make our vital work possible. Please get involved in Bead Challenge 2017 by visiting today. Sign up to PARTICIPATE as a fundraiser, CREATE glass beads, or DONATE to the cause. With your help, we can Make Courage Roar for kids coping with serious illness! Many thanks to Bead Challenge 2017 presenting sponsor Northwestern Mutual and supporting sponsor Soda Lime Times.

– Contributed by Cristal Rogers, Marketing and Communications Intern, Beads of Courage