Courage Tiger’s Road Trip Day 59: Josephine, Miss Massachusetts

While I am in Massachusetts I thought I would tell you about Josephine!
Josephine and her rocks for the
The Somerset, MA Kindness Rocks Project.

Josephine’s mother describes her as “a fun loving little girl who lives life to the fullest! She loves horseback riding, art, school, play dates with her friends, American Girl and making people laugh”.  Josephine has been receiving beads for her Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) / Dysautonomia & Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). When I talked with Josephine, she told me that she had over 600 beads! Josephine is so amazing! She has been representing Massachusetts for quite a while, and it has all been through her pageants. Josephine is Tiny Miss Massachusetts, and has been for a while. 
On top of being Miss Massachusetts, Josephine even has her own project! This project allows people to “promote kindness by leaving kindness rocks around town and now around the united states and world wide to brighten the lives of others and to be the positive change through random act’s of kindness.” To Find out more about Josephine’s project be sure to check out her page! 
Josephine representing
When I was meeting with Josephine and her mother, her mother told me,
“That is 653 medical things Josephine has gone through over the last almost 6 years now. We couldn’t thank Beads Of Courage enough for giving Josephine hope in a time that was pretty dark and lifted her spiritswith her beads showing her how strong she truly is.”

Josephine and her Beads of Courage
Josephine is a member that Makes Courage Roar! The programs, offered by Beads of Courage, rely on the generosity and support of people like you. In Massachusetts we have one member hospital Baystate Children’s Hospital, you can help fund the mission by participating in this year’s Bead Challenge. That’s it from Massachusetts! Check back tomorrow for another awesome story about the amazing impact of Beads of Courage.
Courage Tiger’s 2017 Road Trip is a feature of the 9th Annual Bead Challenge, a three-month nationwide fundraiser and beadraiser for Beads of Courage. As the official Beads of Courage mascot, Courage Tiger is visiting all 50 states to highlight the incredible work our organization does by sharing stories of our courageous members, families, clinicians, and the caring community of artists and supporters who make our vital work possible. Please get involved in Bead Challenge 2017 by visiting today. Sign up to PARTICIPATE as a fundraiser, CREATE glass beads, or DONATE to the cause. With your help, we can Make Courage Roar for kids coping with serious illness! Many thanks to Bead Challenge 2017 presenting sponsor Northwestern Mutual and supporting sponsor Soda Lime Times.

– Contributed by Cristal Rogers, Marketing and Communications Intern, Beads of Courage