Meet Superhero Sarai!

Sarai is described by her mom Jennifer as a spunky, sweet, and sassy girl who knocks out every challenge that comes her way. She was born with a cleft palate and heart murmur, but has also endured several other diagnoses over the last three years. As a member of our Beads in the Mail program, Sarai and her family have received hundreds of beads right at home instead of from a hospital.
She has undergone two cleft palate surgeries, a surgery to repair her laryngeal cleft, three tube placements in her ears, and hours of speech and feeding therapy that continue today. Beyond her cleft palate Sarai has several other diagnoses: chromosomal mutations, primary immune deficiency disorder, growth hormone deficiency, and dysautonomia (which causes an irregular heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and digestive system). This means that Sarai and her family have to take extra precautions when caring for her health. Even vaccines affect her differently due to the multiple disorders.
Despite all of these challenges, Sarai shines like the superhero she is. She and her mom Jennifer love Beads of Courage because they have a tangible way to see just how strong she is. On the toughest days the two of them pull out Sarai’s beads, crank up the music, and celebrate her awesomeness!
Beads of Courage is proud to support superheroes like Sarai, and to honor their stories of courage. Sarai would not be able to get her beads if not for our Beads in the Mail Program! Make a donation to support other children and teens who cannot receive beads through their local hospitals here