Support Beads of Courage on Arizona Gives Day, Tuesday, April 2!

Arizona Gives Day is Tuesday, April 2. This 24-hour day of online giving helps Arizona-based nonprofit organizations like Beads of Courage raise funds to support our critical mission.

We need your help on Arizona Gives Day to raise $5,000 in 24 hours! Mark your calendars for Tuesday, April 2 and donate online at: 

You can donate anytime during the 24-hour period on Tuesday, but you may want to donate between 2-3 pm during our POWER HOUR. The organization that has the most unique donations of $25 or more during that hour will receive a bonus $1,500 cash prize!

Your donation on Arizona Gives Day helps us get Beads of Courage to kids like Foster, pictured here, who depend on beads to help them get through all the tests, treatments, and procedures they must endure in their fight for life. 

Foster was diagnosed with leukemia in January 2016, just a few weeks after his 4th birthday. His mom recently shared a photo of Foster getting a chest x-ray with the hashtag #beadsmakeitbetter.  

She tells us, “Foster will try his best to get through anything, knowing he will be able to get another bead! The beads really do have an immense positive impact, not only on Foster, but our entire family.

“When Foster has a difficult and painful ‘poke’ experience, he looks forward to choosing his Courage Bead and it helps him be strong and brave. A child life specialist comes, the tears dissipate, and smiles arrive as he carefully chooses his special bead.”

Please give generously on AZ Gives Day … because for kids like Foster and more than 60,000 others we support, beads really do make it better.