Woodturners Around the World Support Beads of Courage

Beads of Courage attended the American Association of Woodturners Symposium this past weekend in Kansas City.  Over 1,000 woodturners from across the globe gathered to share their knowledge and learn more about their craft. Beads of Courage is honored to receive some of their beautiful works of art to be used as bead bowls for Beads of Courage members.

What is woodturning? Woodturning is an ancient craft that utilizes wood to create beautiful pieces of artwork. Using a lathe (a big machine that spins a piece of wood), many tools, and talent, artisans turn a block of wood into a beautiful creation. Since 2014, woodturners across the country have been using their talent and time to create sacred vessels for Beads of Courage members. Their donated boxes and bowls go to children and teens coping with serious illness and serve to keep their Beads of Courage safe and beautifully housed. Even though each box or bowl can take hours to make, woodturners have opened their hearts and donated over 4,200 bowls to our members to keep their beads safe. 

At the 2017 AAW Symposium, we collected 148 stunning bowls. We were overcome by the tremendous passion and support of our mission from the woodturners we met. Our most sincere thanks go to all woodturners who help make healing happen. 

If you are a woodturner and want to get involved with Beads of Courage, you can find more information here. If you are a member of our program or a caregiver who is interested in receiving a handcrafted bowl for your beads, contact Haley at haley@beadsofcourage.org to learn how!