Beads in the mail

We are honoured to support children and their families who do not have the opportunity to receive Beads of Courage® at their current hospital or in their outpatient clinic with our Beads in the Mail Program.

At this time, we have a waiting list for the Beads in the Mail Program but by completing this Application Form, you will be added to our waiting list and contacted about eligibility. We have put in place an option to have someone sponsor a child for Beads in the Mail through our Wingman Program, which eliminates the need to be on the waiting list.

New Beads of Courage® members enrolled from the waiting list or through the Wingman Program are caught up from past treatments, using a 100 Bead Club Bead for every 100 past moments of courage. If you would like all past beads, you or a loved one can make a donation for the beads at cost through our Bead for Bead Program.

Thank you for your interest in the Beads of Courage® Program for your child!