Sibling programs

Sibling programs, Beads of Courage

Being a sibling is an important job!

The Beads of Courage® Sibling Programs are designed to recognize the important role siblings play in every family. Our programs help siblings to Record, Tell and Own their Story of Courage as they journey alongside their brother or sister who is coping with a serious illness.

The programs focus on themes which help siblings cope and provide talking points to encourage communication and healing opportunities. The Beads of Courage® Sibling Programs can be used anywhere including at the hospital, during support groups, at family events, and at home. Caring adults can use the programs during times of significant change as a way to connect with and support siblings. Every bead in our Sibling Programs become a symbol of courage.

Check out more details below about what is included in each program.

Sibling programs, Beads of Courage

The Scarcelli Family Foundation

The Scarcelli Family Foundation was created in honor of Rachel Scarcelli who was born with a chronic cardiac condition. During her medical encounters, her parents did their best to support her siblings, James and Nicholas, pouring energy into helping Rachel heal as well as setting aside precious moments to remind her siblings of their importance to their family.

The foundation recognizes the value of the Beads of Courage® Sibling Program, acknowledging the bravery and courage of brothers and sisters which is an important component of healing.

The Scarcelli Family Foundation is proud to sponsor the Beads of Courage Sibling Program. It is our hope that by using this program, siblings can find moments of healing and feelings of love.

Upcoming Sessions:

  • February 14th- 830pm ET
  • March 14th- 11am ET
  • April 11th- 830pm ET
  • May 9th- 11 am ET
  • June 13th- 830pm ET
  • July 11th- 11 am ET
  • August 8th- 830pm ET
  • September 12th-11 am ET
  • October 10th- 830pm ET
  • November 14th-11 am ET
  • December 12th- 830pm ET

Eastern Standard Time. Please register at least 2 days before the event.

Attention Parents/Caregivers
Implement the sibling program with your children

For a limited time, we are offering the opportunity to receive a FREE Beads of Courage® Sibling Kit along with virtual support from our Certified Child Life Specialist, Lindsie Padden – compliments of our program sponsor – The Scarcelli Family Foundation. During the session, Lindsie will provide ideas on how to implement the sibling program with your children.

Please contact Lindsie Padden for any questions.

Beads of Courage® Sibling Kit

Sibling programs, Beads of CourageOur original Sibling Kit uses themes to address the many emotions or challenges siblings may face in their unique role as a brother or sister. Order a Sibling Kit and start supporting your sibling TODAY!

Materials Included:

  • Sibling Program Guidebook
  • Sibling Program Facilitator Guide for parents and clinicians
  • Welcome Kit including a teal bead, latex-free lanyard, and a Beads of Courage® logo bead
  • Letter beads of the sibling’s name
  • 8 Bead Kits (3 beads and 3 collector cards in each kit)

Sibling EnCOURAGEment Activities

Sibling programs, Beads of CourageWe are excited to announce the development of this NEW resource for siblings! These activities are designed to be used as added boosts of encouragement to siblings who have completed the Sibling Kit or can be standalone activities by themselves.

Materials included:

  • Each activity features a focal bead
  • Courage clip
  • Small bag of activity beads
  • Printed activity and a QR code that will link the sibling to a resource page designed just for siblings!

Sibling Resource Page

For more sibling focused resources, be sure to check out our NEW sibling resource page. We will be continuously adding to this page over time, so be sure to check back often. If you are an organization interested in partnering with us to support siblings, please reach out to

Member hospitals, please contact Lindsie Padden for more information or use the member hospital refill store to order.