When you Carry a Bead, you share a special place you have been or a fun experience you have had with a child or teen who needs encouragement on a tough treatment day. No experience is too big or too small to Carry a Bead.

Your compassion, love, and good intentions are infused into the bead you carry and return, which will be packaged with a handwritten note card and given to a child or teen coping with cancer or another serious illness.

These special beads become part of a child or teen’s strand of strength as powerful reminders that we are all connected in courage.


Every time you carry a bead, you encourage kids like Alex and Zachary to stay strong and keep fighting!


Beads of Courage member Alex received a bead that was carried by Sarah Tierney of Merrimack College. Her encouragement note reads, “I wore this bead in my race today! Stay strong! I am thinking of you!!! Keep fighting – you rock!”

Alex sent us a thank-you note which says: “Thank you for my Carry a Bead. It’s really cool that you carried it in your race! I hope you did well. Thanks for carrying beads for kids like me. Here’s a picture of me wearing your bead. It’s the blue one with yellow polka dots right in the middle of all the beads I earned in November.”


Zachary received a bead that was carried by Katlyn Jablonski of Kallispell, Montana, who carried her beads in a logging competition! On her encouragement note, Katlyn wrote, “I am nowhere near as brave as you, but I hope my adventure could make you smile!”

“Zach just received a Carry a Bead to carry along on our rough days. The bead was carried in his honor. It had its own journey and now it is joining Zach on ours. This bead is for strength.”


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