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Courage Keepers, Beads of Courage


Welcome! We’re glad you’re here!

We invite you to join the Courage Keepers, our monthly giving circle, and be a part of our honored Courage Keepers community.

What is a Courage Keeper? It’s someone who keeps our mission and the children we serve close to their heart all year long. It’s someone whose generosity keeps our bead pharmacy stocked with the beads we need to help the courageous kids we serve. And it’s someone who keeps growing their own bead collection with the exclusive Courage Keepers Bead Totem!

Becoming a Courage Keeper is simple and comes with lots of exclusive benefits. To enroll, simply click on the button below and make your first monthly donation of $25 or more.

As a Courage Keeper, you will receive:

A Welcome Kit including a Beads of Courage logo bead on our exclusive Bead Totem just for Courage Keepers …

  • In many cultures, a totem is a sacred object that symbolizes a tribe or family. Your Bead Totem serves as a tangible symbol of your membership in our bead family and our heartfelt gratitude for your commitment to help children coping with serious illness. Display it proudly!
  • Your Welcome Kit will also include a welcome letter from our Chief Executive Officer, pics and stories of children receiving Beads of Courage, a Courage Keepers sticker, and a Beads of Courage Manifesto card.
  • More beads mailed throughout the year to add to your Bead Totem, including beads honoring your birthday and Courage Keepers anniversary!
  • Recognition as a Courage Keeper on our website and social media (unless you wish to remain anonymous).
  • Exclusive e-newsletter just for our Courage Keepers community.
  • Exclusive discount code to our online store once per year.

Thank you for your commitment to help children and teens stay strong and encouraged in their fight for life through Beads of Courage.

You are our hero!

Your sustaining monthly donation puts colorful beads directly in the hands of children and teens as meaningful symbols of courage, honor, and hope.

Welcome to the Courage Keepers!

Courage Keepers, Beads of Courage
Courage Keepers, Beads of Courage

All Our Wonderful Courage Keepers!

* Founding member

Aileen Crane – GA
Alana Nicholson* –  CO
Alexandra Buono*  –  FL
Allegory Gallery*  –  PA
Amanda Eissing-Alberts – NY
Angie Craft – GA
Ann DeHoff*  –  TX
Ashley Smith*  –  WI
Becca Gladden*  –  AZ
Beth Moneck* –  PA
Carrie Lucas – PA
Cathy Davison – NC
Christine Buckrucker – AZ
Cindy Piegzik*  –  NM
Connie Laughlin*  –  IL
Danielle Wickes – WA
D’Ann Stein – AZ
Dave Burnett*  – AZ
Delilah Royce – AZ
Dwain Yeater – AZ
Elaine Horner* –  GA
Gabrielle Ward – AZ
Glen Stephens* – NC
Hannah Cleek – NM
Janet Prinz*  –  AZ
Janet Weber – MT
Jean Gribbon*  –  AZ
Jennifer Bonnar*  –  OH
Jennifer Chmely – FL
Jude Boudreaux*  –  LA
Kaitlin Elledge* –  TX
Karen Crown – WI
Kathryn Steffen – CA
Kelsy Kinoshita  –  CA
Kerry Schulman – AZ
Kevin Masiulis* –  TN
Kim Stone* –  AZ
Krista Habmleton – KY
Laura Alverson – MI
Lori Kajimura* –  TX
Lyndsai Frasure  –  KY
Maureen Cashin* –  AZ
Megan Mazzoni* –  NJ
Melissa Ritchey – AZ
Mikayla Vickers* –  WA
Nany Campbell – GA
Patricia Elledge – TX
Peri Mickey – WV
Raelene Ruiz* –  AZ
Robert Beall – MT
Ruth Seppala* –  AZ
Sarah Boehm* –  AZ
Stephanie Sparks – AZ
Summer Harp – AZ
Suzanne Zimbardo – AZ
Tawnya Heinrich  –  OH
Viking Equity – NJ
Wendy Leys – CA
Yilma Flores* –  PA