Clinician Support

At Beads of Courage, we know the value that a tangible object can have as a symbol of courage, honor, and hope. We also believe in the power of our mind to help us overcome worry and anxiety. As a clinician or other healthcare provider, in order to care for your patients and families, you must also take time to care for yourself. Beads of Courage is committed to supporting the clinicians who care for those impacted by serious illness.

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Bead Mindful for Clinicians

The Beads of Courage® Bead Mindful Program was developed for the professional clinician as a way to create a consistent practice of personal reflection and rejuvenation in a high-paced, high-tech, emotionally challenging healthcare environment. Guided by the theories of Tich Naht Hanh, Kabat-Zinn and Dr. Jean Watson, the program seeks to provide a moment of mindful practice that may lead to enhanced awareness, clarity, understanding, peace, positive purpose, collaboration, and healing.

Since a mindful practice must be cultivated through conscious, deliberate, ongoing practice, the program is intended to be implemented over a year with a new bead given to staff as an object to focus their intentions on each month’s meditation mantra and mindful moment. Each monthly program card also includes poetry selected by Dr. David Sadker, a facilitator from the Center for Courage and Renewal.

The Bead Mindful Program provides staff with the opportunity to allow them to have a mindful moment to participate in self care.

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I’m Fine (Feelings Inside Not Expressed)

The I’m Fine workshop series was developed by Beads of Courage to support caring clinicians through innovative arts-in-medicine programs core to our mission. Each workshop is designed to renew your mind, heart, and spirit as you work through the emotions and experiences that can weigh heavily on healthcare providers who care for people coping with a variety of illnesses.

Beads of Courage is proud to collaborate with Dr. David Sadker and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta in the development and implementation of the I’m Fine Workshops. There is a total of 4 workshops in the series.

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Bead Strong

The purpose of the Beads of Courage Bead Strong Program is to provide an experience in mindfulness. Each Bead Strong Activity is unique, and adults and children alike can share in this experience. Each Bead Strong activity incorporates a reflective art directive to support psychosocial and emotional well-being of anyone receiving care for an illness, their families and friends, as well as the clinicians who support them. Adults and children alike can share in this experience.

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Beads of Courage Ambassador Workshop for Reflection and Renewal

(Available only to facilities licensed to use the Beads of Courage Flagship Program)

Do you currently integrate it into your practice or would like to begin using it with those in your care? The Ambassador Workshop is designed to provide a moment of reflection and renewal and to inspire and orient people on the therapeutic use of the Beads of Courage Programs. It is appropriate for previously trained ambassadors in need of a refresher, those new to implementing it, students, and others.

Beads of Courage offers this Ambassador Workshop virtually either in pre-scheduled quarterly sessions (open to all partner hospitals) or it can be scheduled specifically for your institution only.

If interested in scheduling to attend or arrange a virtual workshop, please contact

Please note: This workshop is only available to clinicians in facilities that are licensed to use the Beads of Courage Flagship Program. If you do not have the Beads of Courage Flagship Program and are interested in starting one, please complete and submit our New Interest Form.

Staff Reflection Beads

Sometimes you need to take a moment and reflect on a special person or family that you cared for, recognize a difficult moment that you overcame during your workday, or give yourself or a teammate a pat on the back for a job well done. Integrate Staff Reflection Beads into this practice as a tangible reminder of those moments. Thank you for carving out this time and recognizing your courage and others in the important roles they hold.

Staff reflection beads are one-of-a-kind, handmade glass beads made possible because of the generous support from the International Society of Glass Bead Artists. For a donation of $150, you will receive 50 Staff Reflection Beads with care note cards. If interested, please contact