Bereavement Workshops

Since the beginning of human history, beads have been transformed into material representations of emotions, physical connections, thoughts and desires. Our Arts-in-Medicine Workshops for Compassion and Courage honor and remember loved ones by transforming beads into metaphors of hope and remembrance.

These workshops, developed and implemented by Beads of Courage and refined over the years, provide opportunities for participants to experience the important reflective work that a bead can facilitate.

Strand for Strength and Remembrance

The Strand for Strength and Remembrance Workshop was created for those who are coping with the death of a loved one. During this symbolic and creative arts program, participants are encouraged to express their memories, fears, courage and hope for the future, while honoring family and self through a guided process. This program is available for children ages 5 and up who can understand the meaning of the program and benefit from participating. During this workshop, each participant will create a unique Strand for Strength and Remembrance from the symbolic beads provided. The workshop is facilitated by a caring clinician who guides participants through a five-step process to create their personal Strand for Strength. The program incorporates art, creativity, reflection, breathing exercises, storytelling, and remembrance.

Bead Strong 

Bead Strong workshops and activities encourage participants to “Bead Strong” in mind, body, and spirit by teaching participants that mindfulness is a valuable skill that can serve them in their daily lives. Each unique Bead Strong activity provides an opportunity to use three practices grounded in mindfulness: a mantra, a mindful art activity, and a basic breathing technique. The experience promotes mindfulness, self-reflection, communication, and creative expression. 12 Bead Strong activities are available for use as a therapeutic support in various settings, including bereavement support for children who have experienced the death of a loved one.