Bead Bag Donations

Bead Bag Donation Process

Thank you for your interest in stitching bead bags for Beads of Courage! These beautiful bags are given to our members to contain the beads that have been received throughout a member’s treatment. Each bead signifies a moment of strength and courage. Please review all donation guidelines and register with us.

All information that you need to understand this process is available here.

Click each picture for more information:

There are currently 2 options to donate.

While option 1 is always available to any donor, option 2 cannot be guaranteed and will be dependent on the needs and a hospital’s ability to accept your donation. Regardless of method of donation please report all donations via the link above, as this is the only way we will have a record of your donation.

If donating directly to Beads of Courage, our mailing address is:

Beads of Courage, Inc
3755 E 34th St, Suite 117
Tucson, AZ 85713

Please be sure to register and then all other questions can be directed to