Bead for bead

Through you or a sponsor, the Bead for Bead Program provides the opportunity for your child to receive the actual or approximate number of beads, representing their courage for medical experiences. The sponsor can make a donation for the beads at cost.

This program is perfect if you are:

  • looking to supplement the 100 Bead Club Bead(s) you received when enrolled into the Beads of Courage,
  • seeking a way to honour the memory of your child and support their legacy with Beads of Courage,
  • replacing lost beads,
  • wanting to receive beads overseas,
  • hoping to get all your child’s NICU beads after their NICU stay,
  • desiring to receive beads while on the waiting list,
  • wishing to participate in the Beads of Courage program as an adult.

Please contact our Program Manager, Ashley Lapointe at for more information about the Bead for Bead Program.

We look forward to helping you create your child’s Beads of Courage strand, bead for bead, to honour each moment of courage!