Bead Artists! Join the Champions Challenge

Go for Gold in 2023!

We will tally your bead donations throughout the year, right up until midnight on December 31. While the goal remains to donate at least 1000 beads, we will have special recognition and thank-you gifts for three levels of Challenge Champions in 2023!

  • GOLD – Donate 1501-2000 beads
  • SILVER – Donate 1001-1500 beads
  • BRONZE – Donate 500-1000 beads

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How To Donate:

Print and fill out this Bead Donation Form and then mail it to us with the beads you would like to donate. Read more about the types of beads we use.

Mail To:

Beads of Courage, Inc.
Attn: Bead Donations
3755 E 34TH ST, STE 117
TUCSON, AZ, 85713-5307

Important Note: Bead Delivery to Hospitals

None of our member hospitals are set up for direct donation. All beads distributed in our programs are our responsibility for safety and liability and all beads given to hospitals must have a Beads of Courage intention card, we need to see every bead – please donate to us directly. (*Please contact us to request approval for direct bead donation).

Special Requirements: Act of Courage Beads

Act of Courage Beads can take almost any form that you would like to make—it’s an opportunity for you to let your imagination go! The 3/32″ mandrel is preferred but other sizes are also usable.

Please have nice ‘puckers’ on the ends of the beads, sharp edges on the bead holes cut fingers and can not be sent out. Overly frilly bits sticking out may break off and leave sharp edges on the surface, be sure that raised dots have solid connections (no undercuts) and that surface decorations are robust enough to take some knocking about.

We ask that you refrain from using reduction frit or glasses that give a metallic sheen on the surface due to heavy metal issues with these materials. We can’t send metallic reduction surface beads to the kids.

Anneal your beads properly in a kiln to ensure they don’t crack. Cracked beads have to go in the waste basket.

Please make sure that the bead release is cleaned out. Beads with the release still inside take more time for our volunteer staff to clean and this tremendously slows down turnaround time to the hospitals.

When you send your beads please fill out the Bead Donation Form, it helps us to expedite sending you a receipt and certificate for your donation.

More Questions?

More Questions? Join the Beads of Courage Bead Artists Group or email

BOC Bead Artist Champions Challenge – 2022

  • Coming Soon!

BOC Bead Artist Champions Challenge – 2021


  • Diana Spiller
  • Maria Schoenenberger
  • Debra (Be) Becker
  • Judy Lami
  • Kathy Sanders
  • Tanya Layton
  • Julie Andrew
  • Glenda Long


  • Lillian George
  • Kristy Brose
  • Nachole Black
  • Barbara Sosna
  • Melissa Osten
  • Ren Farnsworth
  • Martha Giberson
  • Jackie Marr
  • Melodie Lee
  • Patsy Monk
  • Juliet Page
  • Janet Thurman
  • Kristy Nijenkamp
  • Donna Miller


  • Dobrila Pintar
  • Wendy Issac
  • Barbara Nowlin
  • Kris Schaible
  • Karen Sherwood
  • Socal Flame Surfers
  • Janie Area Trainer
  • Ann Dehoff
  • Barbara Johnson

BOC Bead Artist Champions Challenge – 2020

  • Nachole Black
  • Debbie Brodsky
  • Kristy Brose
  • Patricia Chaffee
  • Karen Colaneri
  • Karen Crown
  • Ann DeHoff
  • Audra Delashmutt
  • Mimi Huszer Faquant
  • Ren Farnsworth
  • Cathy Feaster
  • Sioux George
  • Analisa Guay
  • Marlene Hernandez
  • Nithya Jonnawithule
  • Tanya Layton
  • Melodie Lee
  • Jackie Marr
  • Mary Brown-Martilik
  • Donna Miller
  • Dobrila Pintar
  • Denise Reschauer
  • Eileen Robbins
  • Karen Sherwood
  • Debora Sims
  • Barbara Sosna
  • Diana Spiller
  • Ann Wierbinski
  • Diane Worthington