Beads Make it Better We provide innovative arts-in medicine programs that improve the quality
of life of children coping with serious illnesses.
Every Bead Tells a Story We empower children to tell their stories of courage through colorful beads
that represent their treatment journey.
Believe in Beads We make every day brighter for children coping with serious illness
with beads that honor courage and strengthen resilience.

Our Mission

To provide innovative Arts-in-Medicine programs for children coping with serious illness, their families, and the clinicians who care for them.
On any given day, Beads of Courage helps

60,000 children and teens in 9 countries tell their stories of courage

Beads Given Annually
Children Supported Daily
Member hospitals worldwide
Arts-in-medicine programs
Fulltime clinicians on staff

Every time a bead is given, courage is honored, suffering is alleviated, resilience is strengthened, and the experience of human caring is affirmed. Every Beads of Courage Program integrates the use of beads, the earliest art form known to humans, as visible, tangible symbols of human experiences that need and deserve to be expressed.

What Beads of Courage Members Say

Bringing Beads of Courage programs to the community online. Registration is required.

Virtual Programs

Virtual Bead Strong

Providing an experience in mindfulness

Virtual Sibling Support

Helping use the Sibling Program at home

Virtual Bereavement Workshops

Supporting those grieving the loss of a loved one

Thank you for the support we've received so far in 2021

Make An Impact With Your Donation

Aspire Higher

Aviana aspires to be a doctor when she grows up so she can help kids like herself. At Beads of Courage, we aspire to do great things, too but we can’t do it alone.

Together, let’s Aspire Higher!


Be a Wingman

Be a Wingman for a child on the waiting list for our Beads in the Mail program. Currently more than 600 kids coping with serious illness need YOU to be their wingman and help them get their Beads of Courage!


Courage Keepers

On Giving Tuesday, make a long-lasting impact when you join the Courage Keepers, our sustaining monthly donor program. Help children and teens stay strong and encouraged in their fight for life. You are their hero!


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Year of the Tiger

Year of the Tiger

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El Tour de Tucson

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Be a Source of Encouragement Today

At Beads of Courage we believe in the healing power of art, not just for the children in our program, but for those who support them. Here are some fun and creative ways to join our mission of hope and healing today:
Express your creativity and bring cheer to children coping with serious illness. Decorate art cards that will be packaged with beads and given to children in the Beads of Courage program. Available for individuals and groups.
Carry a bead during an event or activity and return it to us with a note of encouragement to be given to a child in the Beads of Courage program on a tough treatment day. Available for individuals and groups.
String beads to create colorful Courage Clips and decorate art cards to be given to children in the Beads of Courage program. Learn interesting facts about beads and glass making. Available for groups of 10 or more.
Create colorful bracelets using beads that symbolize intentions like joy, hope and healing. Keep one bracelet and return one to be given to a child in the Beads of Courage program. Available for groups of 10 or more.
We're Making A Difference in So Many Ways

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**Note this form is NOT for people who wish to receive Beads of Courage for the 1st time. Information on the Beads in the Mail program.