Beads at Home

The Beads of Courage® program is in hundreds of hospitals worldwide, but we know not all hospitals have access to the program or they can’t give you all the beads from the past. We don’t want you to miss out! We have 2 options to receive Beads of Courage® at home with our “Beads in the Mail Program” and our “Bead for Bead Program“.  Here is a brief overlook of each program below but you can also check out more details on the different programs to better learn what option is best for you!

Beads in the Mail is great for you if you meet the following criteria:

  • Age- those that are 21 or younger at the time of enrollment
  • Diagnosis- Frequent hospital stays or medical treatment needed
  • Location- In the USA
  • Hospital- Does not have BOC at your hospital or department of the hospital

* There is a waiting list for the Beads in the Mail program you can make a $100 donation through the Wingman Program to sponsor a child directly to avoid the waiting list or just sponsor the child who has been waiting the longest.

Bead for Bead is perfect if you are:

  • looking to receive all past beads instead of the “100 Bead” catch-up process. bead(s) you received when enrolled into the Beads of Courage at your BOC Member Hospital or in the Beads in the Mail Program,
  • seeking a way to honor the memory of your child and support their legacy with Beads of Courage through a Memorial Strand,
  • replacing lost beads (due to fire, flood, theft, etc.),
  • wanting to receive beads overseas,
  • hoping to get all your child’s NICU beads after their NICU stay,
  • desiring to receive beads while on the Beads in the Mail waiting list,
  • wishing to participate in the Beads of Courage program as an adult, or, requesting to receive bead for conditions that we do not support.

You can also contact Ashley Lapointe, BSN, RN, our Program Manager, to help find the right fit for you. Some people even use both programs!

Beads at Home, Beads of Courage
Beads at Home, Beads of Courage