Support for Adolescents and Young Adults (AYA) with Cancer

At Beads of Courage we know the value that a tangible object can have as a symbol of courage, honor, and hope. We also believe in the power of our mind to help us overcome worry and anxiety. Beads of Courage is committed to support AYA using these artforms and are excited to share many opportunities just for you!

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Power Pendants

Beads of Courage Power Pendants are handmade just for you by a borosilicate glass artist. They are one-of-a-kind wearable pieces of art. As a wearable art form, we believe the Power Pendant can serve as an object to help focus one’s thoughts. They can spark an inner strength that can speak to your heart (emotions) and mind (focus) in a powerful way.

The Power Pendants will also include a booklet of inspirational words to provide a new tool for AYA to cope with a vast array of emotions, frustrations, hopes and fears that one can experience at any point in their life’s journey. Learn how you can help to create this booklet!

Hear from Beads of Courage member Angeline, and the inspiration on Power Pendants:

We need your help!

We are seeking AYA wisdom to help us write a booklet that will accompany every Power Pendant. The booklet will include the words, phrases, images and poetry or mantras that you the AYA community use to help see you through the hard days and relish in the good days. This resourceful tool that will accompany every Power Pendant we give to adolescents and young adults.

If you are an AYA that would like to contribute, please access and complete our survey and we will provide you with a link to choose your very own Power Pendant! You will then be provided another opportunity to submit words, phrases, images, poetry, lyrics or mantras when you receive your pendant.

Bead Strong – Virtual sessions

Are you looking to connect with other AYA online and experience interactive sessions based in mindfulness? Beads of Courage is currently scheduling Virtual Bead Strong sessions for AYA. Learn about Bead Strong here!

If you are interested in attending a virtual Bead Strong session, please contact

Beads of Courage Program: Beads in the Mail

Beads of Courage® is our flagship program and is a resilience-based intervention designed to support and strengthen children and teens coping with serious illness and their families. Stories of strength are told using colorful beads that serve as meaningful symbols honoring courage displayed along a member’s unique treatment path.

We know not all AYA have Beads of Courage® available to them at their hospital, so we are honored to provide the opportunity to receive Beads of Courage®. Learn how to start you can RECORD, TELL, and OWN your story of courage through our Beads in the Mail program!

Are you a borosilicate glass artist interested in becoming a Power Pendant donor?

You are needed to create and donate unique pendants that will serve as a tangible and wearable piece of art to teens and young adults helping them to be mindful and providing added strength when it is needed most. If you would like to donate, please contact Beads of Courage at