Woodturned Bowl Donations

Thank you for your interest in woodturned bowl donations for Beads of Courage! These wonderful pieces of art become a sacred vessel for our members to contain the numerous amounts of beads they will receive during their treatment.

There are only two options available for woodturner bowl donations.

  1. OPTION #1: Direct donation to Beads of Courage as a Dream Bowl donor. (by mail or local drop-off)
  2. OPTION #2*: Direct donation to a local Beads of Courage member hospital in your area. (donor delivers)

*Please note that we cannot guarantee that there is a hospital in your area that will be able to accept your donations. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused some hospitals to temporarily stop accepting any donations which has restricted our donors. We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your patience during this difficult time.

Please click on the words in blue below to learn all about the process of how to donate, donation options, guidelines for making bowls, and a link to order the Beads of Courage logo bead which can be incorporated into the bowl.

Woodturners wishing to donate must first register with Beads of Courage. Donated bowls must meet our specifications and safety requirements found in the guidelines.

Downloadable Forms:

Please direct all other questions to woodturner@beadsofcourage.org.