Kiwanis and Beads of Courage… together making healing happen for children and teens coping with serious illness.

With our SPONSOR A BEAD ART CARD PROGRAM, your Kiwanis Club and youth Service Clubs can sponsor a bead and fund a reflective art experience for a hospitalized child receiving Beads of Courage. Give encouragement on a tough treatment day, reminding a child that they are not alone in their fight for life.

The Sponsor a Bead Art Card costs $20 each (includes return postage to get art cards back to BOC and off to courageous kids)

Celtic Knot

The Celtic Knot Bead represents connection and belonging. The beginning and the end are woven together, just as our life experiences weave together over time. We hope your Celtic Knot Bead reminds you of the special connections you have to the people and community that help you feel cared for and loved

Origami Crane Bead

The crane is a favorite subject of traditional paper folding – origami. Today, the practice of creating origami cranes has come to symbolize a wish for peace, healing and happiness. It is said that if you fold 1,000 origami cranes your wishes will come true. Think of your origami crane bead as a wish waiting to take flight. Dream big!

Courage Charm

Each symbol serves as a gentle reminder of three truths we must remember.

Heart: Always be good to yourself
Star: Star inspired. You are one of kind. The world needs you
Flower: Take time to tend to the joys we experience through friendship

Through our CARRY A BEAD PROGRAM your story and encouragement can join the courageous journey of the kids we support. The bead you carry and return provides a boost of encouragement on a tough treatment day, reminding a child that they are not alone in their fight for life.

The Kiwanis Carry a Bead Group kit is $125
(25 CarryaBead sets to recruit 25 people to encourage) – ($5 donation per person)

Carry a Bead Program Kiwanis Kit

The Carry a Bead Program connects caring individuals with Beads ot Courage members like YOU through an intentional act of caring as they make a commitment to Carry a Bead in your honor. Share you experience text “CAB” to 520-344-7668. The person who carried this bead in your honor was recruited by the Kiwanis, a partner in caring of Beads of Courage