Northwestern Mutual

Beads of Courage, Inc. believes that every bead given provides an opportunity for a caring transaction to transpire. We are honored to be a part of the Northwestern Mutual Childhood Cancer Program and excited to engage Northwestern Mutual employees to help support the emotional needs of children coping with cancer.

We are grateful to Northwestern Mutual for making a commitment to help healing happen through the gift of symbolic beads.

Beads of Courage is currently supporting children coping with cancer in 130+ hospitals in the USA. These children are awaiting your encouragement.

Individual Childhood Cancer Program Kits

Each kit is equipped for one person and a friend or family member you invite to join you in support of Beads of Courage kids.
*Costs for individual kits are covered by the Northwestern Mutual Foundation as part of the Childhood Cancer Program.

Group Activity Kits – 10 friends or co-workers – making a big impact!

Each kit includes materials for 10 people to make a difference in the lives of a child coping with cancer.

*Please remember to submit your donation for a match!  Every $100 donation is matched by the Northwestern Mutual Foundation which further supports Beads of Courage programs for children and teens coping with cancer.

This matching gift is a perfect way to increase your impact and extend additional emotional support to those coping with cancer through Beads of Courage programs.

For more information about matching gifts, please contact the Northwestern Mutual Foundation at: or 414-665-2200


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