Beads of Courage®POLYMERPALOOZA!

You’re invited! Join the Beads of Courage® Polymerpalooza and make the beads we need for children receiving Beads of Courage. We need your help to minimize our bead shortage and we need our community to rally with us!

For the first time ever, we are making our polymer clay bead-making kits available to everyone. These kits were piloted in Tucson last year with great success.

We will have FOUR Polymerpaloozas this year. Each one will feature a different polymer bead and a special bonus item – our thank you gift to you!

You will:

  • Make 24 polymer clay beads using materials in the kit you receive – 4 to keep and 20 to return to Beads of Courage
  • Keep 4 beads and string to the included Courage Clips – use them yourself or give them as gifts to raise awareness about Beads of Courage
  • Decorate the included Art Cards
  • Return 20 beads and decorated Art Cards to BOC– They will be packaged together and given to BOC members – celebrating the long-awaited day they are discharged from the hospital!

Participate in two or more Polymerpalooza events this year and receive an honorary Beads of Courage Ambassador name strand!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Spring Polymerpalooza making adorable Ladybug Beads!