Bead Courageous: For Children and Teens in Active Treatment

BEad Courageous: For Children and Teens in Active Treatment


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BEad Caring: Beads of Courage for Clinicians

Clinicians are the frontlines of caring for children coping with serious illness and their families. We know how important it is to prevent or alleviate compassion fatigue to keep each clinician strong and competent in extending their caring presence. Beads of Courage’s BEad Mindful program was created for clinicians to create a consistent practice of personal reflection and rejuvenation. This program is designed to be implemented on a monthly basis and combines mindfulness with supportive intentional statements, mantras, meditations, and a focal bead. BEad Mindful provides for an object-focused intention with a broad goal of decreasing stress and enhancing the experience of caring where the program is implemented. $250 to provide mindfulness based support for 10 staff for a full year ($25 per staff member/$2.10 a month for support/includes 4 handmade glass beads per staff member valued at $20).

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BEad Supportive: Beads of Courage for Parents, Caregivers and Siblings

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BEad Connected: Beads of Courage for everyone

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