Summer of ART Guest Blog Post – Patty Gallagher, Bead Bag Stitcher

Summer of ART Guest Blog Post – Patty Gallagher, Bead Bag Stitcher

Yes, I love color! And I also love beads. I collect them and I do lots of creative things with them, but I don’t make them. I can, however, sew. I have been doing that my entire life. So when I first learned about the Beads of Courage Program, I knew I wanted to contribute in any way that I could. 

What a marvelous idea! To maybe put a smile on someone’s face. For a smile is the universal symbol of kindness and love. To make a bag that holds a memory for a milestone, I can do that!

I do what I do because it feels so good to give in any way that I can. And I am happiest when I can make something handmade from the heart. 

I choose to see the world in color. But I know there are many days that just aren’t that way. Especially when one is not feeling well and most definitely when having to deal with a life-altering medical diagnosis.

As a two-time cancer survivor myself, I know a little bit about that experience. So if I can make a child, a teenager or a family member smile for just a moment when they see something with beautiful, bright and happy colors to carry with them on their journey, well, that makes me smile.

I’m always looking for material. I pop in a Goodwill store or whenever there is a sale at a local craft store, I’m there.

The world needs more kindness and I’m honored to be able to help.

For all the smiles,
Patty G.

Note from BOC: From June through September, we are shining a spotlight on four amazing communities of volunteer artists and crafters who support our mission year-round with their beautiful donated goods. The handcrafted beads, bags and bowls they donate strengthen our arts-in-medicine mission and bring beauty to the bedside of kids coping with serious illness.

YOU can help with a monetary gift to the Summer of ART fundraising campaign. Be a rock star! Donate $50 or more and receive this awesome TIE DYE T-shirt as our exclusive thank-you gift just for Summer of ART supporters! PEACE. LOVE. ART.