Art Card Kits

NEW! Art Card Kits

We believe that caring intentions, art, and human connectedness play a strong role in healing. We know that a bead gifted with positive intention and with artwork from another sends a message that is spirit-lifting and says, “You are not alone!”. Drawing and making art are also great ways to reduce stress, refocus and help people feel good. Art is a part of humanity and connects us. We invite you to heal through the arts and help others do the same.

Express your creativity and bring cheer to children coping with serious illness with our new Art Card Kits! Decorate art cards that will be lovingly packaged with a unique bead to give to children in the Beads of Courage Program while receiving treatment for a serious illness.

Each Art Card Kit contains:

  • 20 Art Cards to decorate and return to Beads of Courage in a postage-paid return envelope
  • A courage clip and pewter Beads of Courage bead to keep; 20 hospitalized children will soon receive this same bead packaged with your handmade Art Cards

Select from four uplifting bead intentions:

Each with its own special meaning and intention for the child that will receive it.

  1. The Courage Charm has the word Courage on one side and three symbols on the other side: a heart, a star, and a flower. It serves as a gentle reminder of three inspiring ideas represented by these cheerful symbols.
  2. The Home Bead celebrates the place we feel most cared for and loved. It serves as a reminder that your life is special and you are always thought of with love.
  3. The Shuttle Bead is a miniature version of NASA’s famed Space Shuttle. Did you know two shuttle missions carried Beads of Courage into space? This bead will inspire you to complete all of life’s missions.
  4. The Sunface Bead was a sacred image in the Zuni culture and is a symbol of happiness and joy. Look at the bead and remember all the things that bring you happiness.

Please post pics of your decorated Art Cards using the hashtag #beadsofcourage on social media!