Bead Challenge 2021

A Fundraiser and Beadraiser for Beads of Courage


Honored Bead Studios Owners! It’s time to sign up for Bead Challenge 2021! The event will take place throughout the month of September. Given the uncertainty of the COVID-19 variants, this year’s event will be similar to last year’s. We still want and need your participation in this very meaningful effort to help provide artist-made glass beads for the courageous kids we serve.


Since each city and state has its own policies regarding public gatherings, we leave it up to you whether you want to offer group torch time to your supporting bead artists. Each participating studio will receive complimentary glass valued at approximately $50. Please indicate on the registration form if you wish to receive this shipment of glass.

Register for Bead Challenge 2021 and request glass


All bead donations MUST be sent directly to Beads of Courage HQ in Tucson because we are liable for the safety of all beads used in the program and donated beads must be packaged with program intention cards before being shipped to BOC member hospitals.

More information on glass bead specifications and a donation form


Bead Challenge month coincides with the 3rd Annual World Beads of Courage Day on September 15. To make fundraising as easy as possible for you, we encourage you to create a fundraising page on our platform for your bead artists and supporters to send monetary donations. You can customize your page with your photo and story and set your own fundraising goal.

Create your fundraising page


We encourage your creativity in fundraising for Beads of Courage during September for Bead Challenge month, such as holding an online sale of your beautiful glass art. Let us know what ideas you have! We will list all participating Bead Challenge studios on our website and social media throughout September. You are welcome to create a Facebook event and tag BOC as a co-host.


We are planning an online auction of glass beads, sculptural pieces and jewelry in September, launching on World Beads of Courage Day, September 15. We welcome your donations of items for the auction! To donate auction items:

  • Please mail all items donated for this purpose to Beads of Courage HQ in Tucson. We would prefer that these items be shipped separately from your Bead Challenge bead donations.
  • Please pack your items with great care to ensure they arrive in one piece!
  • For each item, please include the following information in your package:
    • Your name, email address and phone number
    • Item name
    • Item description (please be as detailed as possible)
    • Estimated retail value
  • Mail packages to:
    • Beads of Courage, Inc.
    • 3755 E. 34th Street, STE 117
    • Tucson AZ 85713


Don’t forget about the 2021 Bead Artist Champion’s Challenge taking place through the end of the year! Your Bead Challenge donations will count toward this. There will be special recognition and thank-you gifts for three levels of Challenge Champions in 2021!
  • GOLD – Donate 1501-2000 beads (stretch goal = 2021)
  • SILVER – Donate 1001-1500 beads
  • BRONZE – Donate 500-1000 beads

Read more about the Champions Challenge

THANK YOU for helping continue the legacy of Bead Challenge, an event highlighting the incredible talent of our supporting bead artists! If you have any special requests related to Bead Challenge or need further assistance, please email