Cowtown Marathon 2021

Make Your Miles Matter More!

Thank you to everyone who carried a bead in the May 8, 2021 Cowtown Marathon!


  • We will send you two beads to carry or wear during your run. After the event, simply return one bead to us with a note of encouragement for a child coping with cancer or another serious illness.
  • Keep the other bead to add to your Team Beads of Courage strand as a lasting symbol of the difference you made in the life of a child coping with serious illness.
  • The bead you carry and return will be given to a child in the hospital on a tough treatment day to add to their Beads of Courage strand. It will remind them that they are never alone and encourage them to stay strong in their fight for life.

Proceeds from every Carry a Bead purchase will support The Cowtown Marathon C.A.L.F. Program in Fort Worth, Texas and Beads of Courage Programs at children’s hospitals in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

For just $15 you can help a child record, tell and own their story of courage.

Give Hope. Honor Courage. Carry a Bead.