World Beads of Courage Day 2022



THANK YOU for making the 2022 World Beads of Courage Day a “roaring” success! We are so grateful to you for participating in our 4th Annual global celebration of courage. Many thanks for your support of our mission and the impact you’ve made on the children and families we serve. Please join us next year as we commemorate the 20th Anniversary of Beads of Courage and the 5th anniversary of World Beads of Courage Day. Thank you for helping make healing happen!

Let’s make courage ROAR around the world!

Join us on September 15, 2022 for the 4th Annual World Beads of Courage Day. This yearly celebration focuses the world’s attention on the amazing courage of children coping with serious illness, and raises funds Beads of Courage urgently needs to sustain our mission of hope and healing in more than 400 children’s hospitals in the US and internationally.

All of September is World Beads of Courage Month and 2022 is also the Year of the Tiger – our noble mascot! We’re counting on you to help make this the biggest and best World Beads of Courage Day ever. Together, let’s make courage roar around the world!

In real life, tigers roar to communicate with others and make their presence known. A tiger’s roar can be heard up to two miles away and is said to be as loud as a jet engine! Thank you for joining us to celebrate the fierce courage of kids coping with serious illness and making your “roar” heard and felt on their behalf.

This World Beads of Courage Day also marks the unofficial kickoff of our year-long 20th Anniversary celebration in 2023, as we commemorate the very first Beads of Courage program, piloted at Phoenix Children’s Hospital in February 2003. More 20th Anniversary news coming soon!

Bead mom Allison says, “My son, Sully, is participating in World Beads of Courage Day because he is the most courageous baby I know! Sully spent 131 days in the NICU fighting for his life. He survived multiple life threatening situations, three big surgeries, and a few diagnoses along the way. He’s speaking up for courage because he knows what it means to be strong and brave, and to smile no matter what!”


Every dollar you donate makes a difference. Thank you for helping make courage roar across the globe with your generous support of Beads of Courage today!

Donate $20 or more to our World Beads of Courage campaign by September 30 and we will send you a Gold Tiger Necklace as an exclusive gift of gratitude to our golden donors! The necklace includes a Gold Tiger bead alongside Tiger’s Eye and African Turquoise beads. As we commemorate World Beads of Courage Day in 2022, the two beads on the Gold Tiger necklace represent stepping stones to the future and our 20th Anniversary Celebration in 2023!


Sponsor 20 Silver Tiger Beads for kids receiving Beads of Courage to remind them of their inner strength! Our brand-new Tiger Art Card kit includes 20 art cards for you to lovingly decorate and return to BOC. When you do, you also sponsor 20 Silver Tiger Beads for members, each packaged with an uplifting art card. The kit also includes a Silver Tiger Bead for you to keep – the official 2022 World Beads of Courage Bead!

Join us during September to connect your caring and creativity with BOC members worldwide! Share your decorated art cards on social media using the hashtag #beadsofcourage to be entered into a drawing for a fun prize package from Advice for Life by Your True Nature. Art cards are a great activity for individuals, families, groups, and corporate engagement!


We are thrilled to bring back a fun World Beads of Courage Day T-shirt in sizes available for everyone from 2T-4XXX. The first round of orders has shipped, but you can still get the collectible 2022 World Beads of Courage Day T-shirt for your whole family by September 18 with delivery in early October. Wear it proudly throughout the year to help make courage roar all around the world! Be sure to tag us and use #beadsofcourage when you post pics on social media!


New this year, the World BOC Auction has an international flair, offering glass beads and other items created by artists in the US and other countries where Beads of Courage programs are offered. The auction kicks off on World Beads of Courage Day, September 15, and runs through September 30. Bid early and bid often. Good luck!


Come celebrate World Beads of Courage Day in Tucson with Beads of Courage and Tucson Hop Shop!

  • When: Thursday, September 15, 4-8 PM
  • Where: Beads of Courage HQ & Tucson Hop Shop, 3230 N Dodge Blvd in the Metal Arts Village
  • Why: Support the mission of Beads of Courage and honor the courage of brave children coping with cancer and other serious illnesses. Activities will include a Sponsor a Bead station, Decorate an Art Card, Bead Stringing, Millions for Tucson Raffle Tickets and more. Be sure to raise a toast to courage at Tucson Hop Shop, right next door to BOC!


New this year! Support the following World Beads of Courage Day Retail Partners who have special offers or discounts to benefit Beads of Courage on September 15 or throughout the month of September. Browse the special offers below and click on each logo to learn more about our partners.

$6 from each pizza or cookie kit will be donated directly to Beads of Courage!

Photo of three bookmarks (Panda, Tiger, Gorrilla) and three Art Cards (Sea Turtle, Elephant, Rhinoceros)

WORLD BEADS OF COURAGE DAY SPECIAL OFFER from Advice from Life by Your True Nature!

On World Beads of Courage Day, September 15, you can purchase this Advice from Wild Bookmark/Art Card Set for just $13.50 – a savings of $9 per set! Beads of Courage will receive 100% of the proceeds from this item AND 30% of sales from any additional items you purchase with this kit!

This set of three bookmarks (Panda, Tiger, Gorrilla) and three Art Cards (Sea Turtle, Elephant, Rhinoceros) would make great stocking stuffers or gifts for someone needing some advice for life!

Tonia Harris, Mary Kay Independent Sales Director

SPECIAL OFFER: Shop online with Tonia at and she will donate 20% of her sales to “World Beads of Courage Day.” Please put “World Beads of Courage Day” in the comment section when ordering. You can also contact Tonia through her personal website if you have any questions.


Donate $20 or more and get the exclusive 2022 Gold Tiger Bead Necklace with our thanks!

Share your creativity and compassion with the kids we support through the 2022 Tiger Art Card kit. Every art card we get back allows us to give a 2022 World Beads of Courage Tiger Bead to a child or teen….YOU encourage their roar!

Every purchase from our 2022 WBOCD partners includes a bounce-back donation to BOC – THANK YOU!