Keepin’ it Real

by Patty Lakinsmith on October 19, 2010

If you’re a bead maker like me you love the Beads of Courage program and you support it however you can.  I make beads for the kids when I get a chance and I hear about all of the great things the program is doing.  But somehow it wasn’t real to me.  I don’t know any kids going through treatment, nor do I have any caregiver friends, so the meaning of what I’ve been doing had not yet hit home.  It was not grounded and I didn’t truly appreciate what these beads mean to a kid.

It’s real now, thanks to this very touching blog about a six year old girl named Rachael and her courageous journey through treatment.  She has been through hell and her mom documented  Rachael’s progress through two surgeries, a bad staph infection, a month-long stay at the Ronald McDonald House and Interferon treatments.

Read her story, and see for yourself, no, feel for yourself what she’s going through, and remind yourself that every little bead you make can make a difference.  Rachael is just now celebrating one year of being melanoma-free, and has quite a few beads to document her story.

Rachael, you are beautiful, and we love you.  Thank you and your mom for sharing your story.  It will help remind us all what courage is all about.

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Danielle October 25, 2010 at 10:54 am

Thank you Patty!

We adore BoC in our house! There is nothing… NOTHING that has helped Rachael feel so in control of and understanding of what she has gone through. And when life is more “normal” it is such a physical reminder of how much she has experienced.

It gives our family a respect for our journey like nothing else could.

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