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by admin on April 16, 2010

We are really excited about all of the beads that were entered and will be going to children in the Beads of Courage program!

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Thank you to everyone who entered our contest to get beads sent on the US Space Shuttle.  Did you know that there are only three missions left and then it will be retired?  We feel so fortunate for this opportunity!  Here’s a little glimpse of what has been going on…

These are ‘our’ astronauts. Read more about them and their upcoming mission:

‘Our Mission’ is scheduled for a May 14th launch date.  We’re keeping our fingers crossed that everything goes as planned, weather holds up, etc.

These are the beads that make up our 8.1 oz of beads allowed:

After tallying the jury scores I added each bead to the scale, highest scores first, until we reached the 8 oz mark.

Here the beads are, getting ready to be packaged up and overnighted:

Included in the package were 7 TEAM Beads of Courage beads with TEAM Beads of Courage charms, along with cards with the astronauts name on them as a member of TEAM Beads of Courage – NASA, the mission number and location.  The cards explain that:

TEAM Beads of Courage connects caring individuals with courageous kids through a random act of kindness.  Our hope is that you receive a BOOST of enCOURAGEment from TEAM BOC!

The extra beads for the astronauts are our ‘thank you’ for being a part of TEAM Beads of Courage, as well as a reminder of the kids that they are going to be enCOURAGE-ing through their mission.  Can you imagine knowing that there are astronauts in SPACE thinking about you?  Wow.

There is also an additional bead, charm and card for the honorary member of TEAM Beads of Courage – NASA, Jamie Newton. Jamie is the father of a child in the Beads of Courage program and made all of this possible. Thank you Jamie and Sydney!

Congratulations to the artists with beads heading out on the Shuttle:

Katy Abbott

Rocio Bearer

Lauren Mazursky

Judy Carlson

Terri Fout

Louise Ingram

Diana Rast

Marcy Lamberson

Kris Schaible

We will be showing you more in the days to come!

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Sandy Henry June 2, 2010 at 7:29 pm

I would like to begin making bead projects for this great ministry. Could I do it for people here in WV?

admin June 3, 2010 at 10:52 am

Hi Sandy! Beadmakers around the world make beads for Beads of Courage and we’d LOVE to have yours too! The way it works is that any beads that you make are sent to our headquarters in Tucson and then they’re distributed throughout our current 70 hospitals around the world. What type of beads do you make? Is there a local group near you?

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