Guest Blog Post – Jodi Nolte, PMP, Strategic Philanthropy Consultant at Northwestern Mutual

Guest Blog Post – Jodi Nolte, PMP, Strategic Philanthropy Consultant at Northwestern Mutual

Why Gold Origami Cranes?

The legend of the origami crane is that if you fold 1,000 cranes, your wish will come true. At Northwestern Mutual, our wish is for an end to childhood cancer. Until that time comes, however, we are committed to supporting kids and their families while they undergo treatment. That is why we are proud supporters of Beads of Courage, and each year, we string 1,000 origami crane strings. 

“When I make the crane strings, I have a chance to use my creativity while also sending a wish for love, strength, and healing to a child that is going through treatment,” says Denise Uttke, Northwestern Mutual employee. “I enjoy making the crane strings and it allows me to honor Robert and hope for better outcomes for other children who have their own cancer battles.” 

Since 2016, Northwestern Mutual employees have strung the origami crane strings in the month of September to honor Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Gold is the color for childhood cancer, which is another reason why the gold cranes are significant. It is our hope these colorful strings kids can hang from their IV poles, windows, or above their beds will remind them someone is thinking about them, sending them love, hope, and healing. 

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A note from Beads of Courage: Northwestern Mutual has been a strategic partner of Beads of Courage since 2017 as part of their Childhood Cancer Program, which focuses on helping children and families affected by childhood cancer. Their generous and ongoing support is in keeping with Northwestern Mutual Foundation’s mission to improve the lives of children and families in need through financial support, volunteerism and collaboration with community partners.

The gold origami crane bead, along with our entire origami crane bead collection, is available on our website.